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How to Use a Mulching Deck | Nolt’s Power Equipment LLC

Tips for Using a Mulching Deck with a  Riding Lawn Mower

Here at Nolt’s Power Equipment, we often hear the questions like “Do mulching blades work?” or “Do you have a mulching kit for my riding lawn mower?” The answer varies depending on the brand of mower you have. But more importantly you should be asking, “Is a mulching deck right for me?”

Sometimes, we decide that mulching is the way you want to go, only to be disappointed because our lawn looks worse than it did when we were just bagging or side discharging. Also, it takes longer and the mower uses more fuel because of needing to chop the grass much finer.

We’ve put together a few tips for using a mulching deck with a riding lawn mower.

How to Use a Mulching Deck

  • When using a mulching deck, it’s important that you do not let your grass get too long. For a mulch kit to work properly, remember the 1/3 rule. For example, if your grass is 4 ½ inches tall, mow it down to 3 inches and then the clippings will have adequate grass left to help hide them. As you know, the grass can grow quite rapidly sometimes, especially in the spring. If this happens, you may need to mow the lawn several times in a row or mow several times a week. If you cut off too much grass while mulching, you will have a lot of clumping and your lawn will become quite a mess.
  • Make sure your mulching deck is designed to mulch. A good mulching kit includes baffles that bolt on underneath the deck of your push or riding lawn mower. The purpose of these baffles is so that each blade is closed off from the other blades. That allows for the mulching blades to properly cut up the grass. There are also a few companies that make mulching only decks that are designed specifically for mulching. Walker Mowers has the best mulching only deck on the market. The Walker MB zero turn mower with a 48 inch or 52 inch mulching deck has special baffling and mulching blades. Even in wet conditions, this machine does a great job mulching grass.
  • Make sure your blades on your mower are sharp and your mulching deck is cleaned out. If your deck is clogged with cut grass, the mulching system cannot work properly.

Ask Our Team About Mulching Decks

Stop by Nolt’s Power Equipment in Shippensburg, PA or Perry Power Equipment in Loysville, PA. One of our personnel will be happy to show you what options are available for your particular situation.

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Feel free to contact Nolt’s Power Equipment or Perry Power Equipment and one of our staff will be more than happy to assist you with any questions you might have about mulching decks.

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