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The Hustler DASH Zero Turn Lawnmower | Nolt’s Power Equipment LLC

Why You Should Consider the Hustler DASH Zero-Turn Lawnmower

What do you do when your garage is too small to store a zero-turn lawnmower and your yard is too big for a walk behind? Are your legs tired of pushing a mower, or is your pocketbook tired of paying someone to cut your grass? Or maybe your backyard gate is just not wide enough for a riding mower. Enter the Hustler DASH, a competitively priced zero-turn lawnmower, with a small footprint, but huge benefits.

A Quality Zero-Turn Lawnmower

When Hustler decided to build a zero-turn lawnmower that anyone could afford, they did not want to sacrifice the quality they are known for. That is why you will find an 11-gauge welded fabricated deck with a 14-gauge reinforcement at the spindle mounts. It is available in two sizes, a 34 inch or 42 inch, and both have the open deck design to help discharge grass when it’s wet. There is even a foot operated deck lift just like the bigger machines.

Another feature that makes the Hustler DASH one of the top zero-turn mowers is the patented automatic park brake. This is activated when the levers are placed in the neutral position, so no more fumbling for an extra lever to set the parking brake before getting off the machine.

Dependable Components

The Hustler DASH is powered by a 10.5 horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine with a 2.8-quart gas tank. So, a one-gallon gas can is plenty for this machine. And if you run out of gas before you are done, you probably have a bigger yard than what it was designed for. Hustler recommends this zero-turn lawnmower is ideal for yards that are ¾-acre or less.

It has two ZT-1800 hydrostatic transmissions made by Hydro-gear with a top speed of 5 miles per hour. The 42-inch will mow 2.03 acres in one hour while the 34-inch can mow 1.65 acres per hour. Although Hustler specs say that it measures 37.5-inch with the chute up, we were able to squeeze the 34-inch deck thru a 36-inch doorway in our showroom by bending the plastic discharge a little bit.

A Trusted Brand

Hustler stands behind its zero-turn lawnmower with a two-year warranty for residential use. The warranty covers the engine and transmission. Also, don’t forget to accessorize it with the optional grass catcher, light kit or engine guard. With zero percent financing available, you will find this zero-turn mower very affordable.

Get Your Hustler DASH Today

We’re impressed by what we’ve seen from this zero-turn lawnmower, but don’t take our word for it. Stop by our Loysville dealership today see the latest innovation from Hustler, the DASH!

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