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Kioti Tractors: Benefits of the CK10 Series | Nolt’s Power Equipment LLC

  Kioti tractors are known for their excellent quality, but with so many models to choose from it often can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. If you’re looking for a smaller, more compact tractor, the CK10 series might be the best fit. Here are all the reasons to consider purchasing a Kioti CK10 tractor. Kioti CK10 Tractors Have Great Features These Kioti tractors include a number of premium features that farmers are sure to appreciate. Both the 9 x 3 gear drive transmission and the 3-range hydrostatic transmission are very efficient in their operation. And on all Kioti CK10 series tractors, the loader joystick is integrated into the operator’s platform, within easy reach of the operator. The wheelbase design of this Kioti tractor makes for a tight 4 foot turning radius. Take that along with the almost effortless power steering and you can get wherever you need to go. The gear drive tractor also gives you a two-stage clutch system. This allows you to stop the Kioti CK10 without the PTO disengaging. For example, if you are rototilling your garden and you get to the end of the row and need to turn around, you can push your clutch pedal half way in and stop the tractor to shift into reverse. But your tiller will keep running. This will save a lot of wear on your PTO clutch. The Industry’s Best Loader This Kioti tractor features the KL4030 loader, which offers an industry-busting lift capacity of more than 1,800 pounds, making it the highest lift capacity in its class. Every KL4030 loader comes with the standard skid-loader style quick-attach system for the bucket. So, you can easily install a set of forks or a snow plow onto your loader. Premium Option Available Are you the kind of person who likes all the bells and the whistles? Again, Kioti tractors have the answer. The CK10SE series is a fully loaded line of tractors ranging from 35 to 40 HP. The upgraded options include, but are not limited to, shuttle shift gear drive that gives you a full 12 x 12 transmission, tilt steering wheel, extendable and quick adjustable three-point links, rear-view mirrors, and factory cab options with air conditioning and heat. The Kioti CK10SE line also comes standard with Independent PTO. With this option, there is a separate clutch to turn the PTO on and off. So, there’s no need to use your drive clutch pedal to engage or disengage your PTO. All you have to do is turn the yellow knob to start or stop the PTO. Many Different Attachments A front snow blower attachment is available for both the Kioti CK10 and CK10SE series of tractors. The 66-inch front snowblower is a heavy duty two-stage snowblower which will make short work of the snow that is sure to come. As for the three-point attachments, Kioti has a full line of quality attachments for whatever job you have to tackle. Tillers, graders, rotary cutters, finish mowers, box blades, or post hole diggers. All Kioti tractor attachments are built by Woods Equipment, a well-known attachment source. Try the Kioti CK10 for Yourself Stop by one of your Country Kioti dealers for a demo these excellent compact tractors. Our two locations – Nolt’s Power Equipment in Shippensburg, PA and Perry Power Equipment in Loysville, PA – have been selling Kioti tractors since 2006. We service many counties in Pennsylvania, including Cumberland, Franklin, Adams, and Perry County. So whether you are in Shippensburg, Chambersburg, Fayetteville, Harrisburg, Spring Run, Roxbury, Newburg, Newville, Carlisle, Walnut Bottom, Saint Thomas, Greencastle, Gettysburg, Waynesboro, Loysville, New Bloomfield, or anywhere else, contact one of the staff at Nolt’s Power Equipment or Perry Power Equipment and we will be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

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